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Home Cleaning Checklist & Tips

A cleaning checklist is a must for all professional house cleaners. It breaks down the massive task of cleaning a home into manageable chunks, and helps you stay on track with your work.

Start by dusting each room, working from top to bottom. Don’t forget to wipe down baseboards and wall art.


The bathroom is one of the most germ-laden places in your home. That’s why it is important to keep up with daily cleaning tasks in this room. By completing these tasks regularly, you can reduce bacteria and keep your family healthy.

Clean and sanitize the bathtub, shower, and walls. Make sure to use a mild disinfectant that is safe for surfaces in your bathroom. Keep a spray bottle of white vinegar and a sponge by the tub so you can wipe down surfaces after each shower. Also, don’t forget to hang towels and washcloths up as soon as you are done with them instead of leaving them on the floor.

Lastly, be sure to keep a cleaner with you for quick cleaning of surfaces like mirrors and windows. This will help you quickly remove dust, smudges, and fingerprints when they happen.

If you are using this checklist to maintain your current home, it is a good idea to complete the daily and weekly items on alternating days. This will allow you to give each area a little more love on the days you’re focusing on cleaning that space. Also, by keeping a dedicated cleaning schedule for each area of your house, you will reduce the amount of time it takes to complete all the regular cleaning tasks. If you are looking for a full-service professional cleaning company, enter your zip code below to be matched with top-rated pros in your area.


From greasy stove tops to dirty cabinets, your kitchen gets plenty of grime from regular use. A weekly cleaning session keeps these messes under control. The goal is to wipe down surfaces and sanitize frequently used utensils, appliances, and dishes.

It’s also a good time to sort through the pantry and refrigerator, throwing out any expired items and moving things that are overripe into the freezer to prevent spoiling. Keeping your food storage neat and organized can cut down on the amount of waste you throw away each week.

Start by wiping down all surfaces including counters, backsplashes, and cabinets. Make sure to remove any crumbs or dust bunnies from high-traffic areas like light fixtures, slatted blinds, and picture frames. Next, sanitize refrigerator shelves and drawers by running them through the dishwasher or using a spray + wipe solution. Don’t forget to wipe down the freezer door and walls and check your inventory list.

A monthly deep clean is a great opportunity to tackle more laborious tasks, like scrubbing a sink or defrosting the freezer. It’s also a good time to examine upholstered furniture for stains and re-clean or replace as needed. These routine maintenance items are often overlooked and can shorten the life of your favorite pieces. If you’re tired of spending hours on home cleaning tasks, consider hiring a professional. Search local cleaners to find the best deal for your budget.

Living Room

As the main gathering space for your family, the living room will likely experience the most daily messes. From kids playing with toys to adults relaxing on the sofa, it can quickly turn into a disaster area if you’re not careful. But with a few simple cleaning habits, you can keep your living room in good shape.

To make your daily cleaning routine more efficient, start by focusing on the high-traffic areas first. This includes dusting the ceilings and walls, vacuuming carpet and sweeping hard floors, and cleaning windows both inside and out. Once you’ve taken care of the major messes, then move on to the lower-traffic areas like the couches and chairs. Lastly, don’t forget to wash your cushion and throw pillow covers (if they are removable) and wipe down the TV and remote controls with a disinfecting wipe.

It’s also a good idea to clean your living room one section at a time, rather than trying to tackle the entire room at once. This will minimize the amount of dirt and grime that builds up and makes it harder to clean in the future. By keeping the room in good shape, you can enjoy a more comfortable and inviting home. Plus, a clean living room will help reduce stress and increase your productivity. Ready to get started? Grab our free printable cleaning checklist and get to work.


Bedrooms tend to get overlooked when it comes to cleaning and tidying. While busy parents are quick to race around the family room, picking up toys and putting away laundry, the bedrooms often fall by the wayside. This is a shame, because clean rooms help foster healthy sleep and promote wellbeing. Luckily, with this bedroom house cleaning checklist you can make tidying your room a regular habit.

This bedroom cleaning checklist focuses on the little tasks that need to be done on a daily basis (or every other day) to keep things tidy and combat clutter. This includes removing trash and sweeping the floor. It also includes reorganizing clothing and linens and making the bed. It even includes tackling those pesky dusty areas that are so easy to overlook.

Tip: It’s a good idea to line your trash bin with a reusable garbage liner and keep extra liners on hand so you can “reset” your wastebasket if needed throughout the week.

Dusting is another simple but important task that should be done weekly in the bedroom. This helps keep the air in your room clean and reduces allergens like mold and dust mites. Make sure to dust picture frames, mirrors, and other decorative accents. Vacuum up dust and debris under furniture cushions and use a crevice tool to get into corners and other tight spaces. Finish up with a sweep and mop and you’ll have a spotless and cozy bedroom!

Dining Room

The dining area is a place for big family gatherings, and it should be cleaned regularly to ensure food isn’t served on dirty surfaces. If you have upholstered furniture, be sure to clean it regularly to keep it free of stains, which can be difficult to remove.

For daily and weekly cleaning, use a natural, non-toxic cleaner that kills germs to wipe down tables, chairs, and any other surfaces in the dining room. This should be done soon after each meal, or at the end of the day to avoid the spread of germs.

In addition to wiping down all furniture, be sure to dust picture frames, knick-knacks, lamps, window sills, and other decorations. This will help to improve air quality and lower allergens in the dining area. It’s also a good idea to wipe down light fixtures, slatted blinds, and ceiling fans as part of this cleaning routine.

With a little effort, keeping the dining room tidy is easy. Having a schedule in place will save time and energy, and you’ll enjoy a clean space to spend time with your family. If you don’t feel comfortable doing all these tasks on your own, consider hiring a professional cleaning service to tackle the task for you. Enter your zip code to get quotes from top-rated pros in your area! Cleaning services are available in both residential and commercial properties.


Kids bring excitement and joy to our homes, but they also create a lot of mess. It’s easy to see how a playroom can quickly become overwhelming with toys, equipment and clutter. It can take days to clean the room and only seconds for it to become messy again.

It’s a good idea to teach your children to put away their toys before taking out another. It’s even better if they can only pick up two or three items at a time. This will make it a lot easier for you to keep the playroom tidy. It may not work perfectly all the time, but it will help reduce the amount of time it takes to clean the room.

Cleaning a playroom is a time-consuming job that can be hard to get everyone involved in. However, it’s possible to cut down on the cleanup time and the level of overwhelm by implementing some simple hacks. Some of these tips include timing your cleaning, limiting the number of toys taken out at one time, making it a game, decluttering and setting up an organization system.

Whether you decide to tackle our monthly cleaning checklist all at once or work room by room, there’s no denying that having a plan is important. By following these tips, you can help ensure that your home is a healthy and safe space for your family.